Wrote this when I needed a hand and one could not be found

So many times I needed a hand and was down 

So I wrote this poem and it helped to bring me back around 



Who knew angels flew

I didn’t know they followed me and you 

You believe and they will come 

Scattering selfless help too everyone 

Oh how I needed a lift and in the dark hour of night 

Angels came to help me to my delight 

As a child I let them in 

I needed them / him to protect from fear back then 

with age and darkness I forgot him 

I looked another way and almost lost him 

Lucky for me He did not fade 

I now realize I longed for that day That an  angel helped me on my way 

I now will walk with him and never stray 

I need my angel always and never again will I lose my way 

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Dream walkers By a Northern Witch

I cannot wait for sleep to arrive 

Dream walkers visit me and sleep by my side 

They stalk and talk to me 

all night long 

Some Dream walkers 

are all wrong

Some leave me with powers and make me feel strong

My dream walkers make me feel like I belong 

I wait sometimes Patiently for sleep to arrive and in the darkness of my mind 

with my senses down they come and invade me all around

In the morning Im left with clues that they were here 

like a blood hound I look around in fear 

sometimes small clues sometimes none at all 

but when I awake I have all day to daydream before night fall 

When DREAM WALKERS invade my sleep once again 


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coming of winter By A Northern Witch

The first snow has fallen

The trees are all gone grey

The air is sharpe in a playful winter kind of way 

Each window pane has been painted 

Leaves and branches too 

winter has set in 

It has fallen upon me and you 

The nights come in faster 

cold dark and bleak 

But if you listen carefully 

The chilly Northern wind do speak 

The chilly Northern wind says as it blows

Soon Ill bring a blanket of velvety white snow 

Magical and powerful you will know 

For spell work and magic collect as you go 

For the winter has a magic only a witch would know 


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Ghost in the house 

When the day has wasted away 

and the fire grows low

all the rooms grow cold and rest

The sleeping house has an uninvited guest

Which causes everyone unrest

She wanders through the halls

Making creaking noises and small errie calls 

They say the wind blew in the ghost 

That stormy winter in 1882

She has been here ever since

Roaming the house at twilight 

She cracks the doors and squeaks the floors at midnight

she does not bother me I give no fight 

so Ill leave her alone for another sleepless night 

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Poem by a Northern witch

as my time goes by 

Such beauty I have missed 

Such beauty I have not seen 

When I walk outside my door 

How could I have missed the beauty that exists

Im learning as I go 

Just thankful for the day 

Still I wonder how I could have almost 

Have let it slip away 

Thinking clearer all the time 

Seeing things slower and unwind 

Finding enjoyment in things I never knew 

Enjoying me ,myself for the first time 

Who Knew !


Wrote This after much depression and cancer  



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My poems By A Northern Witch


ON Cliffs so high

you can almost touch the sky

Feeling the air

From the Dragon flies

Watching the sunrise all its colors and glare

just for eyes to become tranquillized

The smell of the morning air

to which nothing can compare

I walk down cobblestone stairs 

An ocean before me sweet scented air 



But life is a wonderful miracle 

waiting to come undone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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