Been Busy Must be Spring
I have a new special person That lives with me now,, Its amazing
I have a taken on more responsibilities , stepped up to the plate and I am now Helping and sacrificing a lot of my own money and time and Its wonderful, Its amazing, Im happy and full of love and life

All the home time has me reading more deeply ,
More meditation
and more goddess time

My house is clutter free , started some seeds , planning a Easter /Ostara Tea Party , Got a new bike so when the snow melts of we go !! Got my flower press and bicycle basket all ready to hit the magical forest ,
I have been eating more of the foods I was eating and enjoying a few years ago
Making tea again
and writing

My family has grown over the years and we are happier and stronger than we could ever have Imagined
I have found and been tested I no my strengths and have been forced and willing to use all resources lately and I have amazed myself Just how strong and Independent and powerful I am

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Cut out the weakest link

Cut out the weakest link.

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Cut out the weakest link

Its nice to help others  and if you form groups , and   have succeeded.. In some area and are putting out so called Knowledge ? of changes .. and preaching of your success

Know some will need more of you than others , Not real great to call out others publically and assume others are jealous and WEIRD , OF YOUR NEW SELF ..

I feel some have feelings of being abandoned In friends ships , feelings of loss ,,,Heres an example ,,, when your best friend  wins several million dollars !!and before this .. the two of you where window shoppers , Dying a falling down over high end dresses and such .

and you  both would  share a 20.00 bill each for years , and fitting in so much, In that small amount of money ,,  2 small coffees and split a sandwich for lunch . a few candles !!!! and  bus fare home , True shopping friends !!!!!, getting by and enjoying the small stuff ..

That changes when your shopping buddy is a millionaire  SUDDENLY !!  SHE can buy all the drop dead stuff , and you still have that 20.00 fun money kinda day going on .Still feeling grateful for your 20.00 and happy she has it all ~~~  BUT !!!!!!

Obviously people that work harder or win bigger , Than us… we don’t expect  them to give us anything ,why should they ,, and Thats Ok ~~Folks deserve what they have when they apply themselves

But suddenly   the shift comes , and its human nature to feel ??  EvErythIng ..~~

Maybe this is the same with many shifts In life , when your friend gets married , WEIGHT LOSS, AND SO ON

But  here is my spirit talking,,,,, If we are on a journey of love and yes ok love of self is important

and we are  face with a  broken angel , on our path. Is that an opportunity?  to pick her up and Know we to could have been or maybe be In that place some day .

Is it not a chance to show your higher self and the universe That you are a healer and will help when the chance comes and embrace it as a gift to show your love and guidance use your wisdom ,,

If we do this for each other , It would go around , we would pull each other up and not just feel like always using the dark side of our selves ,, that says things like ,,

I need to cut people out of my life Because I am on high gear So look out I might just run over you ,

Or good old ego , says , This IS  about me , and my life and others are just not ready or where I am , so Thats that ..

Silence of another’s weakness Is strength , Using the weakness of another to build yourself up is weakness

When we can help , and share lets do it wholehearted , If you can only help yourself ,Learn to just do that ,

and harm none .

We can all be what we want , we have all we need In our selfs ..

Be your OWN CHANGE and Be your own Hero !

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Being a part of Influenster has been fun and educational

Unlocking badges ,reviews and trying new products, sharing your views , voicing your opinions ,  Love the Hub , recipes , and so much more , If you think you would like to try  your hand at some product reviews and testing , Come on over and see for yourself ,Influenster wont let you down ,, voxbox-blogimage-popup2

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Summer Magic

The last few months have been amazing
Getting In touch with The Irish Gypsy In me ..
and Wild crafting, Making lavender tea ,It’s been a great summer so far
and to think Its not over YET !!!
I have some new plants In and out .Been working on a spear bedroom in my house ,
Been doing some Crochet and Knitting , Doll making .
In all I have been Happy and keeping busy ..

Eating healthy ,, The summer has been hard on me BBQ AND ICE CREAM
everywhere , LOL .. But I am watching my weight .
Staying off the crazy train…
Planning a holiday… to Bell Island
and South river . Thats where I can really get deep with my writing and Black heart book
Its fUNNY I get so much more done when Im at the summer cottage .
anyway Off to the garden to watch the moon and the stars , finish my coffee
and them off to dream world With purpose in mind .
Dark Blessings

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ImPress Manicure Canada VoxBox

ImPress Manicure Canada VoxBox

I was so excited to be chosen for this review and I must say I am enjoying the product daily and I have gotten so many

nice compliments on the Impress nails, I have picked up 2 more styles , for future use


and plan on getting some more Im addicted ,Its great to find a product that’s easy to use and looks so professional I Received this product free for review from Influenster .

Im working on Badges and so many more exciting reviews So pop back For more beauty and product Shares 

Much Love Many Blessings 

Byeee ye all !! 



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Try this ..

Face the world with a smile and a kind word 

Its so easy to make and change someones day , just by being nice 

Happiness is a conscious choice 

Change is a good thing 

always have the best intention 

and never let someone else s bad day be yours 

If you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all 

Know we are all different , Have free will 

Let others live free , and stop the labels and judgement 

Im proud to be a white women , Irish blood , Gypsy style and witchy ways 

Staying true to yourself , and being you 

Happy witchin witches 




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