Being a part of Influenster has been fun and educational

Unlocking badges ,reviews and trying new products, sharing your views , voicing your opinions ,  Love the Hub , recipes , and so much more , If you think you would like to try  your hand at some product reviews and testing , Come on over and see for yourself ,Influenster wont let you down ,, voxbox-blogimage-popup2

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Summer Magic

The last few months have been amazing
Getting In touch with The Irish Gypsy In me ..
and Wild crafting, Making lavender tea ,It’s been a great summer so far
and to think Its not over YET !!!
I have some new plants In and out .Been working on a spear bedroom in my house ,
Been doing some Crochet and Knitting , Doll making .
In all I have been Happy and keeping busy ..

Eating healthy ,, The summer has been hard on me BBQ AND ICE CREAM
everywhere , LOL .. But I am watching my weight .
Staying off the crazy train…
Planning a holiday… to Bell Island
and South river . Thats where I can really get deep with my writing and Black heart book
Its fUNNY I get so much more done when Im at the summer cottage .
anyway Off to the garden to watch the moon and the stars , finish my coffee
and them off to dream world With purpose in mind .
Dark Blessings

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ImPress Manicure Canada VoxBox

ImPress Manicure Canada VoxBox

I was so excited to be chosen for this review and I must say I am enjoying the product daily and I have gotten so many

nice compliments on the Impress nails, I have picked up 2 more styles , for future use


and plan on getting some more Im addicted ,Its great to find a product that’s easy to use and looks so professional I Received this product free for review from Influenster .

Im working on Badges and so many more exciting reviews So pop back For more beauty and product Shares 

Much Love Many Blessings 

Byeee ye all !! 



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Try this ..

Face the world with a smile and a kind word 

Its so easy to make and change someones day , just by being nice 

Happiness is a conscious choice 

Change is a good thing 

always have the best intention 

and never let someone else s bad day be yours 

If you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all 

Know we are all different , Have free will 

Let others live free , and stop the labels and judgement 

Im proud to be a white women , Irish blood , Gypsy style and witchy ways 

Staying true to yourself , and being you 

Happy witchin witches 




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Life is so ?

Every attack is a cry for help.So when people attack you at work , home , online ..Its a need in them for some hidden issue ..

That is why negative people act the way they do. They never bother to find healthy ways to deal with their problems, but instead want to take it out on others.

I See this so much in groups and community 

I see how people react to unfairness , Unfairness they believe has happened to others , 

weather its a  religious issue and its not fair,, she is a witch and didn’t get the job ,,

or family don’t like you cause you are a Pagan ??  and some people on the path have no respect towards others that are not on the path !!!!! So that’s going to be an issue right off ,,  Some really need to stop pushing their beliefs down others throats , and respect all people , from all walks of life , A time and place for everything..  

or it can be  as small as someone cuts you off in traffic ,,  Blahhhh  , AND SO ON ~~How unfair LOL ,,

Life is  not fair and that’s ,,,  That !!

I have noticed at times some  fight for fairness for others, it’s actually self interest  in disguise; meaning they have  recognized it provides them  with some type of advantage ..  Yes many people just fight for others rights to help them along, Sad but true 

Think Rationally before acting AND FIGHTING FOR WHATS NOT FAIR FOR OTHERS !~

our Brain has a way of reacting on emotions,,,,,, that  primitive part of us that reacts when we think others are being treated unfairly 

 catch your own  emotional responses to things  before it leads to obsessive thinking, and anger , 

Never let things control you …or people ,, 

You need to  control  what you can change .. 

and stop trying to control things you cant 

Time to take my little Pomeranian / Gigi out for some ocean air ..   

Blessings , and Byeee  for now 












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Island Women and The Witch in Me !

I have been spending some extra time outside 

The weather is still very cold and we even had a few snow flurries ,,Today ,,

I have been very busy with some Spring Magic !! Its always nice to add color and flowers to your altar Now 

Just to  get you In that spring time fling of things LOL 

So yeah !!!  Like I said been outside walking the rocky shores , 

Finding dead animals under  unforgiving winter of snow and cold 

only The strong survive here ,, Its a cold Harsh Island , That Gives so Much Mystical beauty ..

My Grandmother told me all my life.. As I walked along the cold rocky cove, I could hear her In the whisper of the mist and waves 


I was strong as the Ocean ..Solid as the ragged rock ,  and Pretty as the Northern Lights 

she wished for me 

Walls for the wind,
A roof for the rain
And tea beside the fire.
Laughter to cheer me
Those who love me would understand me ,
And all that my  heart may desire

And that I was never alone 

As I walk along eyes filled with tears So emotional Just hearing her like that ~~Waves pounding and wind howling ..Such an energy !!

I wished for her over the roaring Atlantic sea With all the Fire and strength I had and Magic in me 

 That Angels protect her 

and Heaven accept her 

and may the light of heaven shine on her grave 

That was a few days ago 

I have been back every morning 

and what has happened for me Is I dont feel alone 

When the road you walk is dark.and you feel alone  you always hear,Who  really loves you 
Even in your hour of sorrow,

When times are hard 
Never turn your heart to stone,
May you always remember
when the shadows fall
You do not walk alone.


Dark Blessings 


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The real spring morn ,, here In Newfoundland ,, we are having snow ,

I can smell My Rosemary tea boiling away on the stove 

I plan On deleting my Facebook account today !! 

Making some changes for myself 

Space clearing 

and Then take some time to just BE !! 

Got a few YouTube videos coming up 

I post a new video every week and always On a Friday, you can expect me to pop on with some Witchcraft thoughts or ideas !

Im off to get cleaning and gut out some corners and closets 

Bye ye allll !!  Much Love ! 

Oh tip of the day ,, Know when to be silent ,, and not push your witchcraft down others throats !!



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